customized program for me every week. It is never boring and I know I am working on the most important aspects of my fitness. Left to my own devices I would do the same workout every time which limits my progress."

a different routine each time so you are never bored...exercising with Melanie is fun."

Sedra Michaelson, Bedford

relatively active and healthy, but needing to lose some weight. I had been working out aerobically every day for a year but had reached a plateau. I had never done any strength training before and I wanted a Personal Trainer to educate me and come up with a training routine that that would work for me. That's when I found Melanie. She came to my house and patiently instructed me on what to do and how to do it. She developed an individualized training program for my specific needs and encouraged me over the next few months. I was also never pressured to have more training sessions than I needed. When I feel it's time to step it up to a different routine, I give Melanie a call. She has been a joy to work with- encouraging, patient, and outgoing. I have seen significant improvements in my level of fitness, strength and physique and am so happy I made that call to Melanie."

Jim Haas, Londonderry

has kept me motivated and healthy. I have been with her for too many years to count! She has done a great job of mixing up the workouts and keeping things fresh Thank you Mel!"

Glenda Nagel, Bedford

8 years ago, I have had the privilege of watching Melanie interact with my tenants. Her knowledge and compassion combine to create a comfortable and encouraging environment. She takes the time to get to know each of her clients and cares about the physical and mental well being of each of them. She is truly an asset to our community."

Leisa Martel, Office Manager of Carisbrooke at Manchester

for over 6 years and love her! The personal service has kept me committed and allowed me to meet and maintain my goals."

Stacey Rozen, Bedford

and anyone what a terrific exercise class instructor Melanie is. I love the way she warms us up, does cardio exercise and then does weights and stretching, getting every muscle in our bodies worked out. One can tell she stays current with all the latest techniques to get our bodies in shape. I only wish we could have class more than 2 times a week. Thanks Mel for your continued effort, we all appreciate it. Keep pushing!"

Flo Alley, Manchester